After getting by for yrs with just a PDF file,
we are making this first attempt at a "real" website.
If you need printable documents,
please feel free to contact us for PDF's.

Various Dell machines and boxes from a local
co. Netgear router. Viewsonic & Hitachi monitors,
(we're moving to flat panels as soon as these
behemoths give out). HP
CANON Elph digital cameras are carried by
our staff wherever we go to take pictures of
everything we see.

ADOBE whatever (Photoshop, Illustrator,
Acrobat, Pagemaker, etc.), AutoCAD LT,
ArcView GIS, Xara X1, the usual Microsoft stuff,
Horticopia, Stitcher Express,
Earth.Google, Sketchup

Bank Gothic mostly, some Arial side bars

G-B the old dimpled Jeep cherokee, BMW
convertible girlie car, & a not so hot Jag.
Anything with gold trim.

Jamie Cannon, FAIA, Bill Bowersox, FAIA,
Charlie Deutsch, Ken Balk, FASCE, Cristobal
Chamale, Ian McHarg, Jim Corner
William Sonner & Houston Lirette & Margie Jenkins